What girls love about guys, menWhat guys like, men in girls? What girls do you like guys, men? Any girls prefer guys, men?

What girls like guys guys? What women prefer men, men?

No light on virtually no representatives of the beautiful sex, which would not have broken his wonderful head of deciphering this puzzle. This the truth is no easy puzzle, not looking at the fact that the absolute most of the guys are convinced that in the science of seduction, they have no equal and ladies did not even make a special effort to catch them “on the hook”. For same young girls it doesn’t seem so simple.

In General, it seems to be not confident Charmer said that they dress up, clean up, doing her hair just for yourself beloved, all is far not so. Since ancient times ladies wanted to send over the views of the whole surrounding their male society. This came in the course and meter hairstyles, and mnogosantimetrovoy studs, and garish make-up, similar sometimes faster on war paint. But it is not so much in the way of the conquest of men’s hearts broke girls ‘ dreams and hopes.

What women love men and men? What guys like and guys in girls.

How to correctly identify the interests of the opposite sex? To answer this question is not so simple. Essentially ahead to achieve a goal can only be all-encompassing solution – the creation of a comprehensive holistic view, incorporating elements of the visual and the verbal and spiritual influence. Let us look at them a little more.

If the lady says that she loves the ears, then the man can say that he loves eyes. If the representatives of the beautiful sex more important inner world, the stronger sex is what you look like and serve themselves in society. While not necessarily a walk on the winner of the contest “Miss world”. For men of principle harmony. Taboo is too much makeup. No self-respecting man is not sahota series to go with the “painted doll”. Look over the condition of your facial skin and body. South American researchers have directed attention that men are stronger reacted to the lady, if she was unblemished, soft, velvety skin. They wanted to constantly touch my own partner and their body is sent to the brain strong pulses of pleasure.

What girls like more and more women love men and men?

Severe visual tool in the hands of the female half of the population of the earth is soft, “childishly sweet”, open grin. Immediately reminded of a song from the famous cartoon movie: “from the grin will warm everybody…”. Very nearly all depends on customary tenure facial expressions, and what are the well-aimed “shots”pretty eyes! Therefore, if you want to capture the heart of young people take some time to work on yourself. Master is actually a win-win traditional make-up, except not too lazy to spend excessive half an hour in the mirror, “fitting” on your face or other expression. Even the famous Sophia Loren celebrated the ability of human persons to “remember” certain expressions. Because quite a work-out, you’ll just keep his facial expressions under control.

Next Wed, which is necessarily men turn their attention, is the figure. Here you can not exactly approve a particular, excellent volume. The main thing – proportionality. In the midst of ladies, there are plenty of legends, sometimes unfounded. As sociological surveys show, famous for whole world model characteristics 90:60:90 far not like many men. Most of the heart soft, and sometimes even Bisnovatyi form. Although there are many supporters of “skinny” boyish type. In terms of figures the fundamentally correct ratios of body proportions. You should keep in mind that in all times, in honor were tightened (but not muscular) body. Fundamentally, if you don’t treat thin type, to look at the fact that there are sagging excess body folds. Sagging tummy or butt look very unpresentable. The remedy can be using good posture and gait. Remember the “educational program” in the immortal creation of the “Office romance”: “…all to himself, shoulders back and loose gait of the foot…”.

Another important factor that is intensively turning their attention to the representatives of the strong half of the world’s population, are lovely feet and manicured hair. Almost all of the guys answering the question: “How looks beautiful stranger on your way?” – in the brain actually appears monotonous way of leggy krasotki with developing hair.

But what to do if nature are unable to reward you with a full set? – The revenue will come profitably matched clothes and visit a good hair stylist who will be able to assist you in choosing the right hairstyle and accessories for your species. The main thing with all this is not to overdo it and not to transform into ultra glamorous representative of the modern ladies in the society. The men heartily dislike.

Not counting the purely external causes of exposure has a small role and inner peace. All understand ancient as the world saying – in the lady must be some mystery and unravel her man needs life.