What women like men Any girls prefer men

The question is not simple, because men are all different, and therefore like all variety of women. And yet it should be considered a time – for what a man chooses a woman for a good time or a long period, moreover, of family relations.

If you need to spend time, and maybe meet some time, the man will be more focused on the appearance and behavior of ladies. She should be beautiful and relaxed. Choosing a life partner, the man will have to rely on other qualities.

However, in most cases, it is unlikely the main criterion can serve as external data women. It cannot be argued that businessmen like blondes and athletes, for example, brunettes. Every man his own preferences, some like blondes, somebody brunettes, someone in love redheads, same with the height, weight, eye color, nose shape, etc. And even if the man will be able to name the criteria that he considers IT mandatory for women, actually he can choose a woman, it is not like this image. And he’s going to live with her happily ever after, even if it would collapse the neck at the sight of a young lady with good qualities, which he is crazy about. And all because looks aren’t everything. At least not for everyone.

Therefore, in order to comply with someone’s demands, it is helpful to know clearly what kind of man you would like to acquire. Social status and lifestyle influences what women like certain men. So, active, athletic man who takes care of his body, will want to see the same sports woman.

A successful, wealthy men, with a solid Bank accounts, prefer beautiful, intelligent, young ladies. But they can understand, they should produce the impression on others that can afford such expensive and luxurious women. It’s like a business card, an attribute confirming the status.

It is fair to say that businessmen are different, very many it does not matter the opinion of others and they do not seek to throw dust in the eyes, and appreciate the spiritual qualities of the companion of his life, such as kindness, honesty, sincerity. And maybe the ability to keep the home fires burning and to cook well.

If the lady wants to find a husband. she needs to know that these qualities women – kindness, sincerity, sought after by all men. Cruel boy and hysterical no one likes, if only from boredom will want to tickle your nerves. In all other cases, smartass only scare and will put an end to the possibility of having some kind of relationship, no matter how beautiful the woman.

The sincerity of women is also an important quality for men. Because they like to be sure that you are really interested in it. If he catch you with what you say not what you think, can automatically conclude that you do not appreciate it that have fallen out of love or didn’t love at all. And the more reasons you give, the more his doubts.

Yet almost all men love it when they care, when they know, share their beliefs and aspirations, not criticize, and support in all endeavors. In General, in one person to have a beautiful, housewife, friend, and lover, and mate.

But the most important thing in a woman – the feminine energy. A woman is like a vessel that holds the precious female energy, enough to drive an insane man. If the vessel is empty, it does not matter what women face, what are the proportions and so on, beside her, the man will not last long. Because, first of all, he’s looking for a woman, and then a beautiful woman, friend, companion, model, Queen, in General what one has enough imagination. And he’s not looking for some woman, and HIS only one. This female energy is not always going to see, but the man will feel whole body and did not want to part with such a woman.