What women does not love all men It is quite clear that a man cannot be loved by all women of the world. Not satisfied with something in one, something is missing in the other. Interesting to know, but there are General feminine qualities that do not cause the approval of the majority of men?

What women does not love all men

Men don’t fall in love, having met the bitch. At the moment we mean by this definition, those women who have no moral barriers and easily change partners. Men are easy to get to know and spend time with this lady a couple of nights, but will not offer to enter into a marriage Union.

Also do not inspire little sympathy for hunters of material well-being. At first, everything can go smoothly. The man, carried away, believes that it is obliged to look wide and beautiful. But gradually opens his eyes and sees too much attention women to his wallet, and not to person.

Men sickened female selfishness. They do not accept the command tone in the dialogue and do not dare to associate with a woman too overbearing. Able to crush a man, not pandering to her whims. A strong man will be able in time to recognize the selfish nature and safely to avoid slavery. But weak men in this situation not to be envied. He risks permanently losing confidence in yourself and completely fall under the influence of women and self-centered.

The kind of women that don’t love all men

“Gray mouse” would not enjoy the favor because of its readiness to cringe before the man who had seen her. The whole look of this type agrees with the opinion of men and unquestioning obedience. To see daily sacrificing their own interests can not every. Blind submission tiring. And besides, most men don’t feel up instead of a normal wife to have in the house slave.

Female careerist causes of male disapproval. First, men believe that career advancement robs women too much time and effort. So they make unimportant housewife and mother. Secondly, it is difficult to be the master of the house where the woman gets paid more than her husband. And, thirdly, the man is not satisfied with the fact that the woman occupies a social position equal to his position, or even higher.

What women does not love all men? Cold, beautiful women, not capable of warm relations. They have a very shrewd character and don’t know what is true love. The only person that loves machine – itself. And in her heart there is no place for a single man in the world.

If you don’t find yourself in similarity with any of the listed types, rejoice and be proud! You can make happy any man. But maybe you just lack the courage to admit to the existence of fault? Take a critical look and think how you honest with yourself? And remember, a lie this is also a disadvantage!