5Hearing this question: “As a man chooses a woman?", immediately begs the answer: “the beauty, of course!". But after some thought, I remember couples in which the man is handsome, and the woman is so-so. And he hands her wears. Why? So, not in the exterior case. Moreover, scientists are conducting numerous studies have proven that a woman is almost always for men in second place when choosing a life partner. There are several criteria by which a man chooses a woman.

What are the qualities a man chooses a woman

1. Face. All men have their own taste. Therefore, a universal portrait here. The person must be well groomed, handsome, with beautiful eyes. The eyes of the men are paying attention. They reflect the inner world of women, the depth of her soul. Women with big eyes luck when choosing more than those who have small eyes. The therapists claim that, even having sex, the man loves the "spy" face partner, his expression and facial expressions. Perhaps they are looking for confirmation of their male power and women are crazy about him…

2. Sex. Each man chooses a woman FOR sexual. It is very important that she had an orgasm doing sex with him that HE was her unique macho. One hot night can bind a man to a woman forever. In a love relationship it is very important that people approached each other sexually.

3. The ability to value. How I love our men, when a woman looks him in the mouth, literally idolizing his hero. Thanks and praise the strong half ready move mountains, not something in a store run or a ring to give. But seriously, the ability to value your one of a kind – an important criterion when a man chooses a woman. He ’ s best.

4. Figure. Many men choose a woman just because she has a good figure or just stunning legs, or chest. So is their brain. A man chooses something with a passion and can’t look away. Often beautiful shape becomes more important than a beautiful face. Well, if even then, and more…

5. Mercy. The word is, like the Bible. In fact, in its constituting a part of kindness, empathy, the ability to sacrifice themselves at the right moment. Seeing a woman in all these qualities, the man understands that it can be a really understanding wife, a good mother of his children, a true friend of life that will not leave him in difficult times. I would now gladly would change the fifth paragraph with the first paragraph, but I’m just stating the facts – research of extras.

6. Intelligence. Let’s imagine the following scene: enchanted by the beauty and grace of his new acquaintance, the man invites her to a cafe for a Cup of coffee. They are comfortably settled, he was staring at her, not believing his luck. He jokes, tells her stories, says a little about myself. She’s such a good listener! Oh, how lucky he is! What eyes she has! And then she opens her mouth… I Think not worth continuing.

7. Self-sufficiency. To deal with the self-confident woman who has reached in life a certain height, it is always better than listening to the complaints and whining loser. This does not mean that a man chooses a woman is rich, with an apartment and a car. No. The positivity and charm, unobstructed view forward is felt on a subconscious level. Self-sufficient woman seen from afar. Even if she walks down the alley in a normal summer dress – shows that she is FLUENT.

8. Femininity. This is the most important thing in a woman. In our age, running and screaming, computer and turns women into soldiers, so I want to see the girl on her high heels, shining from spring smiles passing by flying gait ’s Breathing spirits and fog…”. She smells of sex, affection, and yet something mysterious… Well, such as not to choose?