What women love the Turks? I decided to share with You my observations, and would like to get Your opinion on some issues, for me and the resulting observations.

I’m 24, in Turkey was 6 times.

To further understand, describe yourself. Slim, tall, height 170, long light blonde hair, gray-blue eyes. Slavic appearance, standard set, to please Turku. In General, the cries of “Chok Guzel”, “Claudia Schiffer”, “Yellow Chocolate”, etc. ringing in ears at every step.

When I went the 1st time, naturally fell in love there blissfully. But torrid affair ended corny. All vows, promises, SMSes and letters from him quickly disappeared, came less and less and then stopped. Then I found out that his girlfriend is a favorite (German), to marry her gathered. When she saw that pride was badly hurt. This chubby white-pink kolobokk incomprehensible in short sundresses, but as he tenderly treated, looked into his eyes…

A year later, in a different place.

Loved one man. All write here about romantic encounters, courtship, as worn on the hands, showered with flowers, offered to get married, etc.

Of course, he, too, cared for, looked with loving eyes…the first time. Repeated all the time: you’re so beautiful, I don’t even believe that this woman paid attention to me. Then once cooled, i.e. it was not heartbreaking goodbyes, tears, loud words to wait forever. Simply said, you are very beautiful, has a great future, you a man can find! I’m not a couple.

In General, even the phone is not exchanged. And when I arrived at the trail. time (not to him), talked like old friends. Also have you seen his girlfriend. Told me he fell in love with her by the ears. The eyes burn. Invisible gray mouse.

The next episode. Went there for the 1st time a girl from work. 33, recently gave birth, very seriously ill, stout much. Her husband retired.

Left – no. Came with flowers, gifts, fun, happy, bloom girl!

Fell in love there in the owner. Were taken on excursions, beautifully looked after, the ring was given, married called. Moreover clarified that as your child will love.

In the photo the man is very interesting. Writing to her without ceasing (I am translating, so I know), asks to come with them, all paid for, money will be sent.

And fuse as man. Seriously.

I want all this to say:

After hearing their friends, acquaintances, having read on the website, I wonder polls in Turkey happened in the novels, most – crazy love, all by yourself experienced passionate recognition, passionate courtship, Dating.

I can’t say that I have absolutely nothing happened. Liked, watched, admired, even fought once. But to tell me that the Turks did not allow the passage, I can’t.

During these 6 times not in love neither the Turks, none of them offered to marry.

On the contrary often somehow carefully addressed or quite cold.

Might me something wrong? After all, novels, serious and non-serious there at all who wants this, and sometimes doesn’t want to.

This subject didn’t care until I had read stories on the website and who you haven’t heard enough.

Ie didn’t know how it is in others.

This year we were vacationing in Marmaris with a friend.

Friend is a very showy girl, is here with men, smart, 25, already has had a great career.

The rest began a fun, attention as usual sea….

And now girlfriend meets HIM at one of the discos. Love at first sight. The guy looks like muzzy from her just. And she in turn from him.

And began a romance, flowers, meeting under the moon. Until one day he dropped her out of the car, a little davosa to the hotel. When she asked why, he said that in our hotel now resting a girl that he likes it too, and he wouldn’t want to glow in front of her with other women…. He would not want to see and upset, you know. and the fact that a friend heard it and was upset, he didn’t care. Girlfriend with him to communicate more did not want. But once he came up to her and, as if nothing had happened, starting from a distance – as soon as the case, etc. started asking my friend about this girl, what is she doing in the hotel, not do we. And damn, it would be understandable if the girl was cute, and then obydenka such, invisible.

By the way, when a friend dumped “super-cool” hotel Manager, and quite politely refused his offer to go in the evening to visit him, he was so pissed off that every time you meet showed her such a gesture: “thumb down”. Type it sucks, that is.

And never tried to win more, give flowers and as it says here… In case of accidental collision in the hotel greeted me and showed so much disdain that even I involuntarily shudder.

To be honest, I feel a little strange to read all these stories about romantic and loving Turks, not because I don’t believe. But because I with their pure love is not encountered. And eagerness on their part to a serious relationship I have not noticed. So…as long as…

In General, I really wonder what women like the Turks??

Don’t tell everyone.

It’s certainly not a matter of life and death. but still creeps mind, why all the polls there is love and acceptance, and my great love in Turkey. never caught up…

And yet it seemed to me that they pay more attention on “mice”, which we have successfully almost never use it, but there is bloom. But beautiful/striking/self-sufficient women are afraid or wary, arrogant-arrogant or just not being taken seriously. Admire the admire, well as a sexual object, of course perceive, but not to marry I special swagger didn’t notice.

At least so it seemed to us on personal experience.