26As if it’s funny it all sounded, but women often tell myself that these

phrases lies something real. Most women are pushing themselves men

to the pronouncing of the sacramental phrases.It is not surprising that few women

able to quickly determine whether a man is a serious partner for

a long-term relationship. If women were able to understand what lies behind


Primitive men preferred women who can give birth to many children, so

they drew attention to two main factors: youth and health. The younger

the woman, the more children she will have time to give birth. The reproductive ability of the woman

reaches its peak in 20 years. In 30 years this figure is on average

level 40 is low, and in thodi. This is why modern men

As a rule, men want wives were in two to four years younger than them. Than

older man becomes, the more young women he prefers. Professor

Kenrick’keefe and analyzing the age preferences of men. They found that in

20 years men prefer 1 8-year-old girls, B35 – thirty-year, 48 –

In the past women have not had such a long list, because they were quite a find

a man who would get them food and protect them from aggressors.

Primitive man didn’t have to tell jokes,play chess or

5. Personality

Clearly, this list consists mostly of visual cues that

cause hormonal activity in the hypothalamus and amygdala,

is it entirely to do with passion. David bass has allocated 67 characteristics,

which in a partner for a short time and appreciate men and women. Among them

include loyalty, sociability, honesty, health,kindness, intelligence,

charm, erudition, generosity, responsibility and willingness to help. The bass

found that men consider these characteristics for a partner for a short time

much less important than women. In addition, a random female partners of men

almost don’t care about negative characteristics-the tendency to random connections,