19Artists, poets and writers over the past six thousand years tell humanity the same facts: the female body and appearance is much more attractive to men than her intellect and other qualities. Whether we like it or not, our physical appearance is consistent with our sexuality and affect the ability to keep a partner.

The people with whom we have to face in their lives, have their own idea about us within the first four minutes, and evaluation of our sexual attractiveness is formed in just ten seconds. The fact is that on a subconscious level we are affected by ordinary biological signals. It’s coded messages that inform how other people match its objectives. Here there is an aspect of evolutionary psychology – the brain of each of us there are residual patterns of behavior and reactions that formed in ancient times.

Long legs in the eyes of the men look very sexy. This too is an explanation. Newborn baby feet length compared to the body is much less, and up to puberty this ratio is almost constant. But when the hormonal level increases and the girl turns into a woman, the legs begin to grow rapidly. That’s why long legs are for men a strong visual signal that tells them that the girl is ripe and fertile. It’s clear that the shorter the skirt on the woman, the larger the surface of the legs can cover his eyes, which subsequently attracted his attention to that part of the body where they connect. And if suddenly the female sexual organs were located somewhere under the arms, it is probably unlikely legs would be the subject of men’s erotic dreams. It seems that you never heard of the man told the woman what her beautiful and long arms.

Statistics show that most men prefer women with a full rounded legs, not those whose feet look like muscular matches. Extra fat in this part of the body emphasizes sexual difference and is the best indicator of lactation (milk production in nursing mothers).