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Annie Oracle 3 years ago

certainly not such as we show in a cheap soap operas and talk shows:))))) )

a man with a lot of money, has character, intelligence and a lot more than that, for it is not so easy (as we laymen think) to earn them. Stupid picture quickly get bored of such a man, why NOT MARRY such: ) Wives choose interesting, intelligent, with whom you can spend not only the night, but also to communicate, you can rely on and which will be interesting not infinite beauty salons, own occupation, development, attitude. Sex they need not so often, because brains are busy with chores and worthy a man, a woman must understand them and be separate, to be able to hold a conversation. Of course, the attractiveness of it means, but it’s the quality not the only one.

Juliette, but not Capuleti Oracle  3 years ago

Often the choice falls on young girls. Young companion allows a man to assert himself, highlights his maturity and masculinity. A marriage between a rich man and woman, equal or superior to him in age, occurs much less frequently.

3. The girl should not to be stupid, but a sharp mind is not particularly welcome. The presence of a number of women that transcends the mind of man – is undesirable. It hurts his self-esteem and low self-esteem.

Juliette, but not Capuleti Oracle Rich man looking for a beautiful toy, offering money in exchange for youth, beauty and care. Typically, a wife can expect a good attitude from her husband, but she will never get respect and will not occupy a worthy place in the hearts of man.