16Any girls prefer men: vulgar, energetic, or emotional “princesses” with the manners of the 18th century? Only answer those who really knows the answer. thanks in advance.

But there is no option kind and calm?And then all of the above is called in one word-BITCH.

to each his own)

Hi. Every man has his own preferences,some like blondes, some prefer redheads. Similarly, in the behavior: someone who likes vulgar, someone humble. Actually, it seems to me that they like the most ordinary, vulgar because girls cause only desire sex and nothing more, they intuitively understand that a girl cannot become the mother of their children. Emotional like girls, not all, because some of this is upsetting, “Princess” I think that nobody likes. In this case, you need to stay by itself and always will be people who will perceive the girl what she is actually. Good luck)

And girls and men – all very, very different. One of my friend’s wife – quiet “gray mouse” and the other more active and enterprising “Virago” ))) Moreover, both pairs are quite happy. Again, what does “love”? It’s one thing to spend time, and the other to create a family. So, the answer is nobody knows. Look for a couple with whom you will be comfortable in all senses. Good Luck To You!

To each his own. For example, You may love hot macho,and Your friend is shy nerds. And men. But above all they love estestvennosti.

What girls like:

Around you love: songs about love, books about love, movies about love… And nobody fell in love and not going.

Each person needs to evaluate, wants to know what he’s worth. And you very important to know if you’re worthy of someone’s love.

What girls usually like?

The format of the answer is not enough space on my wall in VK a note under this name,written above is the beginning,maybe in the Internet there,but generally the subconscious of every man is the image of the mother.

Good luck.

it depends on looking for a girl for them and that relationship. in any case, they need humility and a sense that they are the main ones.what role in each case to play(if it’s in your rules)you decide

Vulgar, pushy “princesses” with the manners of the eighteenth century. And this is the most adequate to answer the question.

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