What girls do you like guysThe steady pursuit of women – to please men. Every woman for herself determines what girls like guys her age and circle. This is most characteristic of lonely girls who do everything in order not to miss the perfect Prince went out for bread without makeup. However, none of that matters, because if your man really, he will see you even if at this point you will be in a worn shirt to hang on the balcony of her underwear.

In order to understand what girls love boys, let’s consider the two main components for the sympathy guys: appearance and character.

Appearance. What is it?

What looks like guys

Face . Around and only heard about what the ideal person should have the right facial features. But really there is a clear notion of what characteristics correct? Each person determines for himself the ideal man or woman. Someone like broad, dark-haired and swarthy, and some subtle pale blonde with huge eyes, the third like a rosy girl with freckles, red hair and happy eyes. Types appearance quite a lot and each one is unique. The most important thing is to be yourself and no one to emulate, because every person is individual.

Figure . The types of the figures are completely different. So what is the figure of girls like boys? Skinny or chubby? Here already all depends on the taste of men. In our times got the impression that thin girls are used to maintain the image, but not for a serious relationship. Of course, too strong thinness repel a man, but if everything is harmonious and beautiful, then you will be the best. The most important thing – it’s a beautiful posture. Whatever you figure, if posture straight and proud, it means that you have something to show. Plus posture adds attractiveness to your body shape – high Breasts, taut belly, proudly raised head.

A sense of style and grooming . Men love that woman always looks perfect and neat. However, this does not mean you have to dress expensive and blindly follow fashion. Most importantly, selected the clothes were to face the woman, emphasized the dignity and hide flaws. Repels any man bust with the use of cosmetics, too revealing clothing, too bright colors, bad taste. In short, the whole image should be harmonious and tidy, and most importantly feminine.

Smile . An integral part of attractive girls is smile. The smile on the woman’s face is not only good mood and happiness of its owner, but also about openness and kind soul. Smiling girl or woman doesn’t just tell you that she’s happy, but that she is open to communication. A woman who smiles often – this is a happy, successful in life and career, a happy woman. We all understand that not only one mutual friendship begins with a smile, but also, of course, love!

Self-confidence . The way you value your appearance and yourself reflected in your eyes and, of course, is transmitted to other people. If you truly love yourself, will do the same and people around you. You could even say that a truly beautiful woman – this is a woman who is confident 100% of its indescribable beauty. Mental confidence in themselves and their beauty intuitively is transmitted to all men, so they also begin to think of you as beautiful.

Character. What is it?

What girls do you like guys in nature

Self-sufficiency . Most often men are attracted to those women who are satisfied with their life and also have a sense of dignity. Such a woman will not throw men at neck and hold on to them, as the only on the planet a lifeline, such a woman will be a little inaccessible and unavailable. It is not necessary to be super woman with a successful business, a crowd of fans and so on, you just need to be satisfied with their lives, and also be sure to love all that you are and what you do.

The softness and kindness . Men love to see real women that are delicate and lovely creatures adorning their lives with his over-gentleness and kindness. Of course, sometimes there may be in imminent fury and passion and desire – it’s not bad, but not too long and need to live in this role. Especially men don’t like it when women talk dirty, get into arguments, swearing and, God forbid, fighting with the other women or starts to talk badly about other people. Men like nice and friendly woman, and disassembly and quarrels – this is man’s business, not women’s.

Zest . Any attractive woman is necessary that there is some kind of twist. Something that separates this woman from all others – it is individual and unique singularity. What is this zest, may be completely different and not like all existing men. However, the most important thing is that it’s all from the heart, and was really for real.

Sense of humor and mind . There are firm beliefs that most men like a stupid girl, but this is absolutely not true. A large part of the stronger sex actually prefers a rather smart women who understand their field of Affairs, are able to support any conversation and have a sense of humor. Of course, this does not mean that if you want to find a mate, you need to memorize tons of literature and know all the answers in quiz shows, but it doesn’t mean that you should only be interested in fashion and beautiful manicure.