Monthly Archives: January 2011

And “pie in the sky” is an understatement! How girls choose Boyfriends? “Silly!”, as my friend said. Why do we constantly ask ourselves, “Where she finds such?”, “Why did I spent on you for so many years?”, “Why is the girl going for the bad guys ?”, “And as soon as she could to meet with this”? Yes, because to unravel how a girl chooses a guy is more difficult than to solve the mystery of PMS at Bigfoot marked UFO on his forehead, lost in the Bermuda triangle.

To understand what “pie in the sky” is the angelic choice of words, just look at demonstrative marsh preferences in the form of guys at any single girls. So how do girls choose among the boys of his next “the one”? Oh! On this subject there is much to tell (I hope my friends on this material does not stumble).

A million times we were convinced that we should not be surprised their girlfriends elections (the wrinkles will appear sooner from constant eloquent facial expressions). And indeed sometimes is, frankly, stupid that after a time, inevitably pronounce the phrase: “o my Lord! What kind of crazy Islands rested my brains until I said “Yes” malchance”. They justified their choice of a friend to the question “Why him?”. And he has a typewriter,” and “he’s like whoosh! whoosh”, and “he’s reliable, he wants to get married”. Beauty, an enviable position in society; material prosperity. impressive size – “chances in the election campaign” (well, that, you, then, boterashvili we must forgive, and we to have feelings for sizes not supposed to, what?). I heard even outright “I’m-not-enough-sex-and-he-so-sexy” reasons. Continue reading